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Of u nu zelf uw website wilt onderhouden, hogere kwaliteit wenst, of wilt weten wat MostWorld doet? U kunt altijd bij ons terecht News Flash

Speed up your PC.

Voice over IP.

Google through your PC.


What software do I need?

Software can be an accounting programme, a database, image editing, sales tools and so on.

Sometimes general software is sufficient. MostWorld can advice you in that. But sometimes that is not satisfactory. Your company may need adaptations to current software or custom made material.

By moving your mouse over the words below, the explanation can be read on the left.

 Small website
 Complex website
 News letters
 Resize pictures easily
 Accountancy tool
 Product Management
 Product presentation


 Database management
 Database adaptation
 Interactive map
 Online agenda
 Spam filter




7 steps for success in building software

1. Listen: what do you need?
2. Check: What do you have now?
3. Note: we list the possibilities for your company
4. Plan: Once you have made your choice we make a plan
5. Build: In the process of building we give feedback regu-larly
6. Evaluate: After delivering and implementing, we evaluate
7. In touch: We keep in contact, to improve software when necessary





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