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Speed up your PC.

Voice over IP.

Google through your PC.

MostWorld testte de Google Desktop Search. Het resultaat was snel en verrassend

Google through your PC

Have you tried it yet? Search your own computer using Google?

We just couldn't resist and installed Google Desktop Search. After waiting for a couple of hours (to index our files and e-mails), we entered a searchitem in the searchbox. In a blink of an eye the results were there, very Googly. Good-bye to our archivesystem, we're hooked.

What does it do?
You can search the full text of your email, files, viewed web pages, and chats.

Google Desktop Search zoekt in documenten en e-mails naar uw zoekcriteria

Why is this useful?
Since you can easily search information on your computer, you don't need to worry about organizing your files, email, or bookmarks. You can just do a quick search for what you remember seeing, instead of having to remember exactly what file, email, or web page had that information, and where that item is now located on your computer.

Where do I go to do a Desktop Search?
Right after you install Google Desktop Search, your browser will show the Desktop Search home page. After you close the Desktop Search home page, you can quickly get back to Desktop Search by double-clicking the Desktop Search icon in your system task tray (usually at the bottom right of your screen).

After installing, how soon can I search my computer?
After installing, Google Desktop Search starts indexing the email, files, and web pages that were stored on your computer before you installed Google Desktop Search. This process occurs while you aren't using your computer and may take several hours, depending on how many items you have on your computer. When this is completed, you'll be able to search the items on your computer.

What about my privacy?
The program does not make your computer's content accessible to Google or anyone else. You can learn more by reading the Desktop Search privacy policy.





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